SEG Future Hub vol.2 ~「今のあなたが発揮できるリーダーシップとは何か?」を考えるワークショップ / Workshop to discuss “What is the leadership that you can demonstrate now?” ~


*English follows Japanese
この度、11月13日(水)に自然電力では「より良い未来につながる」様々なテーマについて考えるワークショップ『SEG Future Hub vol.2』を開催します。


普段皆さんが何気なく使っている「リーダーシップ」という言葉が意味する多様さを理解し、 未来に向け活躍できるビジョンを得られるような機会にしたいと考えています。


2019年11月13日(水) 19:00〜21:00(18:45 開場)
* 会終了後、交流会を予定しています。参加は自由となります。

自然電力 東京オフィス分室

東京都文京区本郷 4-8-13 TSKビル 1F


無料 ※受付の際、ご本人様確認のためお名刺を一枚頂戴します。






We are pleased to inform you that Shizen Energy is going to hold the workshop “SEG Future Hub Vol.2” to discuss various themes “to connect to the better future” on Wednesday, 13 November 2019.

Following the previous workshop to discuss “The future of organization and working style”, the theme this time is to discuss “What is the leadership that you can demonstrate now?”.

How close is the leadership for you? Is it immediately practicable for you, or can only the person with higher position or age exhibit it?

In this workshop, regardless of position or age, we will discuss what kind of leadership you can demonstrate in your current situation to make the place where you can describe the direction of your own growth.
We would like to invite you to the discussion if you are interested in the leadership, you have any worries about the leadership, or you want to demonstrate leadership in the future.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019 19:00~21:00 (Door opens at 18:45)
* After the meeting, an exchange meeting is scheduled. Participation is free.

Shizen Energy Tokyo Satellite Office

TSK Bldg. 1F, 4-8-13 Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

In the course of the workshop to discuss "What is the leadership that you can demonstrate now?", we will provide you with the programs that make you aware of the way you work from now on and how you exercise the leadership.
*We will arrange an interpreter from Japanese to English

【Entry fees】
Free *Please give us your business card to confirm your identity at the reception.

【Food and drinks】
We will prepare snacks and drinks. Please feel free to bring your own.

【Participant capacity】
There are a limited number of seats and we may not accept the participants depending on the application. We will send you the invitation for the participants.

【Target participant】
・A person who wants to learn about leadership.
・A person who is interested in considering the organization and working style of the next generation.
・A person who is interested in Shizen Energy Group.

【Web site】
Shizen Energy Group HP
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自然電力 東京オフィス分室
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